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Modern Heart

If you welcome change, you can truly grow.

Milow recognized this while making his fifth full-length album, Modern Heart. Climbing uncharted creative peaks, he naturally progressed and embraced a host of unexpected, yet completely apropos and inspiring influences.

“In terms of what I wanted to do, I saw things very clearly,” he affirms. “It’s such an eclectic time, and I realized any limitations I had regarding my music came from me and not the audience. So, I decided to dive in headfirst and expand my horizons and styles. I wanted to infuse elements of alternative R&B and hip-hop production into my world with the acoustic guitar adding color. It was the most liberating thing. I knew as long as I stayed true to my instincts for melodies, lyrics, stories, and the way I sing, it would sound like me.”

The critically acclaimed award-winning Belgian singer and songwriter preserves the hallmarks of his songwriting, that millions of fans initially fell in love with—i.e. hummable melodies and poignant lyricism—but he alters the delivery mechanism ever so slightly. Modern Heart signals Milow’s most adventurous chapter yet.


Support-act: Joseph & Maia

New Zealand duo, Joseph & Maia (J&M), have been establishing themselves as songwriters and a hardworking touring act over the last four years. They released their debut independent album ‘Sorrento’ in May of 2015 after disconnecting themselves from their record label, Sony Music NZ, to take back creative control of where they were headed. Soon after, the pair quit their day jobs, bought one-way tickets to Europe and have been on an indefinite “tour” ever since. The last 2 years has seen them play over 300 shows throughout the UK and Europe, as well as busking on the streets every chance they get.

J&M have opened for and played alongside artists such as Rodriguez, Passenger, Stu Larsen and Avalanche City. Joseph & Maia have just spent the last months recording a new record, which is set to be released throughout 2017.

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Joseph & Maia

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